Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dear Coleman family,
I am among those deeply troubled by the gross miscarriage of justice, and malfeasance you've endured at the hands of Maryville authorites and community alike. The corruption and nepotism that permeate the cornerstones of America's legal institutions can no longer be left unchecked, unmitigated. Consequently I now offer my, and my family's undying allegiance, and full moral support.
It is the duty of the conscientious to ensure that innocent children and families are no longer persecuted at the behest of those who derive their clout from, and simultaneously scapegoat, their constituency.
We're with you Daisy. Justice will prevail, in one or more of its incarnations.

"Any state, any entity, any ideology that fails to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of man, that state is obsolete." -Rod Serling, 'The Obsolete Man', 1961.

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