Friday, October 18, 2013

Hi Daisy & Paige,
First, this is not your fault. At all. Some people will try to tell you it is because they were not taught well. Remember that.

By your estimation, I'm probably super old (31), but trust me when I say you are so amazing and awesome and strong and so many women I work and socialize with agree; so many people - men and women - around the world agree. I live in DC and I hope some of the work I do in my life can prevent more cases like this in the future. Good luck getting through this terrible time.

I am not professionally skilled in helping with scenarios like yours. If you haven't already but feel you need to talk to someone, feel free to reach out to RAINN at any time: - they specialize in helping victims of crimes like this.

I wish you all the best. You CAN do whatever you set your mind to!
Best of luck for both justice and coping with this horrible thing that was done to you,
Amanda F.

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