Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hi daisy, I'm adam and I just want you to know your a strong girl. Don't ever let anyone tell you different or that you did anything wrong cause that is nothing but a lie! It's never easy to go through what you went through but your not alone ... you have an awesome and loving family ...a great group of hacktivists who are sharing your case with the world making sure something gets done ...and us people like me and the others writing to you cause we care and love you. Don't ever give up if you ever need anything...don't hesitate to ask. Also don't be ashamed but be proud because this sadly happens a lot but because of brave people like you who come forward to try to stop it from happening again ...light is brought to it ...and when the world can no longer ignore what goes on the real change will come and it will be because of heros like you!

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