Tuesday, October 22, 2013


As a rape victim myself and now an dating abuse/sex assault advocate, I am so proud of you. You are standing for thousands of girls who kept their voices quiet or went unheard. I'm also so grateful for your family..especially your mom enduring all those pain and injustice... staying strong. I know it has not been easy at all, but the case will soon see its justice. There are people who believe you. Don't lose your hope and faith in God and humanity. Sometimes, it takes time.. but justice will shine. God stands with you, not against you. He was never on the side of the offenders. For that.. I know that for sure. Sometimes it takes time because this world is so corrupted. But your story will inspire many. Your story is giving so much hope and encouragement for other women who kept their voices silenced. He has been there with you.. and I KNOW He is and will be with you (even when we can't understand...) I'm praying. But I can only assume that.. you probably have heard many things that were told by so-called Christians accusing you and not believing in you in that small town. I want to apologize behalf of them if those ever happened. I'm a christian and what I do (I'm also social work student) really all comes from my faith in God.. standing with God for justice because that's what God stands for. I KNOW it is really hard.. but believe me.. it will all turn out okay. Yes your life will be forever changed.. but because you know how it feels to be like a victim... and experience injustice, you will be able to stand for people who do not have that access at all. These things like rape isn't God's plan.. beauase people unfortunately choses to do evil to other human beings... it isn't that He does not care, but He still redeems and turns everything around. He did with me. Now I'm so much stronger.. and have better understanding of all these victim culture and I work with many teens on educating healthy relationships and sexual assaults. Anyways, my prayers and supports are with you. Thank you for reading Daisy!

Linda Yoon

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