Friday, October 18, 2013

I live in Columbia, MO.  and work for the Missouri Institute of Mental Health doing research projects that currently deal with alcohol misuse and abuse.  I'm also a rape victim from my days in college, though I did not have the guts back in the early 80s to come out about it as you have.
Just wanted to let you know that SO MANY of us are enraged by what happened to you, and to your family.  So very sorry for all you've been through, and really hope you'll take strength and comfort in knowing that we all support you completely.
Please, feel my hug I'm sending to you, your mom, and your family!  I would be glad to converse with you if ever it might help.  I think you will be a magnificent example of strength and victory when this is all finally done.  Best wishes, and please don't give up!!

(Note: Deb's contact information has not be shared to protect her privacy ~ if you would like to contact Deb, please email, and I will connect you)

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