Friday, October 18, 2013

Please understand that there are tens of thousands of good people in the world who are absolutely APPALLED at how you and your family have been treated!!  Don't succumb to the pressure!  YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME!  

After the Steubenville rape debacle, I came across this letter in which a rape victim outlines why she feels sorry for the rapists. I hope that this information  compels you to see that YOU are not the problem!  Our rape culture and Matthew Barnett ARE THE PROBLEM!!  Stay strong!!

One reason, from the article: I’m sorry for the Steubenville football players who raped the Jane Doe not because their actions deserve my sympathy or their status as local sports heroes, good students, sons or brothers warrants my regard. I feel sorry for them because they photographed their victim and mocked her brutal rape as if it were a clever inside joke between friends. I feel sorry for them because they are so casually sociopathic that they couldn’t recognize dragging someone’s naked, unconscious corpse outside through the grass and dirt as anything but a funny prank. I feel sorry for them because it took a jury of their peers and the onslaught of the feminist media to recognize what they did as reprehensible, not just what boys do. I feel sorry that any person has such capacity to harm anyone else and then broadcast it for social media consumption as if she were a boxing match on Pay-Per-View. I feel sorry that we still don’t know what abuse is.

And: I’m sorry that they are raised to be men in a culture that upholds violence against women as a form of masculine camaraderie and that anyone should have to teach them not to rape — that not torturing and victimizing their friend is a conversation that ever needs to happen. In this case, that conversation never happened at all, in a society that puts the burden on women not to get raped and then blames them for enticing men. We teach women that certain types of behavior provoke rape and that being modest and demure in dress helps women keep their virtue. I wasn’t wearing a short skirt. Did my blue jeans prevent my rape? Nothing can prevent rape, except not raping someone. Not being an entitled dick prevents rape, not your choice of clothing.

Best Regards,
Jude Sommerjones
Columbia, MO

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