Friday, October 18, 2013


Most of the women I've been close to in my life were former victims of sexual assault.  An unsettling coincidence.  But it was also good to know that I was a man they felt safe with.

Here is what I learned from them:  You are better than Matt Barnett.  He is weak and you are strong.  His life is about to start sucking, and yours is still full of promise.  You are beautiful and he is ugly.  Even if you don't get justice within the legal system, these facts will never change.

But you will get justice.  You can fight this fight and win it too.  Know how I know?  Because you've already taken the hardest step.

Don't be afraid.  You are a strong, beautiful person inside and out.  Loads of people are rooting for you.  But don't do it for them.  Do it for yourself.  Do it for the next girl who has the misfortune to meet a scumbag like Matt.

Never give up!

Much love, and best wishes.

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